Saturday, 9 December 2017

Chapter1 Science Form 1=What is SCIENCE part 1

Hmmm,What is Science???Science is a systematic study of natural phenomena and how they affect our lives .This is divided into two which is scientific knowledge and technology .Scientific knowledge is the information obtained from the study of natural phenomena and technology means the application of scientific knowledge for the use of mankind.Snow, tsunami, earthquake, volkanism, global warming are the examples of natural phenomena. Communication such as TV satellites, telephone and laptop.Transportation such as Cars, aeroplane, bus. Agriculture such as Hydroponic method, tractor,and fertilizer. Medical such as Vaccines, antibiotic, X-ray are the examples of technology.
There is a lot of career in science ,I listed 15 career that i know
They are 1)Geologist
             15)Forensic scientist

In science we also learn what these careers learn such as Biology .They study about  living things such as plants, animals,and humans.Geologist study about rocks, soil, minerals, charcoal, and natural gas. Meteorology study about weather and climate change such as rain and storm.

In this chapter we will also learn about  science laboratory it is about the apparatus and the use of it.

To heat small amount of chemical
  • Boiling Tube
To hold small amounts of chemical
  • Test Tube
To hold larger amount of chemical
  • Beaker
  • Conical Flask
  • Flat Bottom Flask
To measure volume of liquid
  • Measuring cylinder
To measure volume of liquid accurately
  • Burette
To measure a fixed volume of liquid
  • Pipette 
To support apparatus during heating
  • Tripod Stand 
To spread heat evenly during heating
  • Wire Gauze
To filter or separate insoluble from mixtures
  • Filter Funnel
To contain gas
  • Gas Jar
To hold or support apparatus
  • Retort Stand With Clamp 
To evaporate excess soluent
  • Evaporating Dish

Next, we also learn about physical quantities and their units.What are physical quantities??Physical quantities are a physical characteristic that can be measured. The base quantities are length, mass, time, temperature and electric current .

Length is the distance between two points.The S.I. unit for length is meter ,millimeter,
kilometer , centimeter .The symbol of the S.I. unit is m,cm,km,mm.We use measuring tape and ruler to measure length.

Mass of an object is the quantity of matter. The S.I. unit for mass is kilogram, milligram, gram. The symbol of the S.I. unit is kg,mg,g.We use lever balance and triple beam balance for mass

The S.I. unit for time is second,minute,hour,day,month,year,and decade.The symbol of S.I. unit for time is s,min,hr.We use stopwatch for time.

The temperature is the degree of heat of an object.The S.I. unit for temperature is kelvin and celcius .The symbol of the S.I. unit is K and `C .We use clinical thermometer and laboratory thermometer for temperature.

Electric Current    
The S.I. unit for electric current is ampere. The symbol of S.I. unit for electric current is A.An ammeter is used to measure electric current in a circuit . 

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

School Holiday With Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

It had been a long time since we last went to Genting. Finally the day came, an awesome oppotunity to go again. We made the trip up to Genting on a Saturday morning ,taking a slow drive up. I realised that its actually been years since I went and the memories were coming back to me as we made the journey.

First thing I noticed was that there was so many renovation going on. My mum had mentioned that they were expanding and building the 20th Century Fox theme park. I got so excited just thinking of it.

The road up was a bit winding and mum got a bit dizzy. We drove up very carefully as it was about to rain and also a bit foggy.

Finally arived and made our way to First World Hotel. There was a new wing called Terminl 2. It looked very much like an airport. Our first stop was Starbucks. Nothing beats having a hot chocolate and some cheesecake outdoors in the cold. Yummm

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Our friends arrived awhile later and we immediately went to Snow World. We had to get dressed before entering, put on a jacket, gloves and boots. The place was huge and beautiful. There was also a sakura tree near the entrance. It was super cold inside. There was an igloo that you could go in to get youself a bit warm. I had so much fun playing in the cold and taking lots of photos.

There was a new feature - European design and display. It looked so real! There was a restaurant, pub and cafe display too. Great photo opportunity here.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

I then went up to see the 3D Art Tricks. SnowWorld and 3D Art Tricks are combine together so it's like a bonus. There were a lot of props with hilarious names like King's Feast, Falling Chandelier, Distorted Knight, Snow Monster and Dragon Prop.We took a lot memorable photos. After some time it got really cold for me and we had to leave. Good timing too coz my tummy was rumbling. It's time for lunch.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

We had lunch at the Coffee Terrace which was close by. There was so much food. The best for me was definatelty the hainanese chicken rice. It was simply delicious.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

After filling up on food fuel, we went to see Ultraman Live In Genting -Revenge Of Baltan. I was so excited because this is the first time watching my superhero fight live.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

The main characters are Ultraman X and Ultraman Zero. There are 10 Ultraman, 6 Evil Dark Heroes and so many monsters.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

The superheroes not only fight with Baltan but also the Dark Warriors Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Ultraman Lops Zero, Ultraman Dark Zagi , Evil Tiga, Kaiser Darkness and many more.

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

Ultraman Live In Genting - Revenge Of Baltan

We did not only watch the show but also played some games to help Ultraman save the day. It was fun and interactive. I was not bored for even a second. Watching the fights was awesome, with kicks, punches and some great martial arts in it too.

Of course as expected, we won the battle but this only Part 1! I wonder whats' going to happen in Part 2. Loads more fights and mosters I'm sure.

After the show, we had an opportunity to take a photo with some of the Ultraman - yessss it felt so good. It's a good show for kids and families. I'd love to go again!

Tickets for ultraman Live In Genting are RM180(VIP), RM88(PSI) and RM68(PS2). Promo 30% for early bird Members Genting Rewards) or 20% if you ar not a members.

For more info please klik this link >>

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fun Experience At Resort World Kijal, Kemaman , Terengganu

Finally got thru my UPSR exams. Now time for some fun!

Fun Experience At Resort World Kijal, Kemaman , Terengganu 

Over the weekend, my mom brought me to Terengganu courtesy of Resort World Kijal. After making the journey from KL we finally arrived and we were welcomed with a silat performance and fresh coconut to help cool us down. the silat performance was awesome and I got to see it up close. it was great! We then went to the Kampung Restaurant to have lunch. There were so many varieties of food like Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang, lot of meat and some great desserts and local kueh. I ate two rounds because the food was very good.

After eating, we rested in our room for about half an hour then the PR and her team showed us around the hotel . They showed us the DELUXE room , it was very beautiful because the decoration was done very well . The toilet was sparkling clean.The room is recommended for married couples on their honeymoons. They even have rooms especially for families, large and very clean.

They then showed us outside the hotel, there was a giant chess board which I did not play because there was no time. That game is one of the activities suitable for family members. It's live sized!

They also have ping pong ,volley ball, ATV and bicycle. I got to ride the bicycle but every time I try to cycle I'd fall. It was very embarrassing for me. I did not get  to ride the ATV but would love to give it a go sometime.

Later that night, we went for dinner at OBB ( Oasis Beach Bistro). There was a live band . The music was awesome. The food was again simply great. Filled my tummy with rice, meat, vegetables, seafood and cheese cake.

After dinner, we began the most exciting activity which was releasing baby turtles. I think over 100 baby turtles had been released. Each person released 2 baby turtles. It was a fun experience. I learned so much about turtles. Most importantly, never ever use flash when taking photos because this will blind them. So anyone who will be coming to Terengganu to release baby turtles ....Please be careful or not you will not be releasing them but killing them.


We woke up early to see the sunrise but we can't see the sunrise clearly because it was cloudy.It was still beautiful to be out on the beach. We took a long walk to the end of the beach. I had so much fun taking photos.We stopped by the golf course and listened to some history of the hotel. Maybe next time I'll try to play some golf too!

We then went back to our room to take a shower. When everyone was ready we went to the lobby and the bus was already waiting for us, ready to go to Noor Arfa Batik.

Noor Arfa Batik is a place where you get to see how they design and decorate the batik. It was very interesting and also my first time seeing how batik is made. There are many designs and it takes a long time to make the batik. I even got to decorate my own batik. I have to say that my batik is better then my family.

Then we went to the Crystal Mosque. The mosque is very beautiful but I did not go into the mosque because I was very tired. I slept in the bus while waiting for my family. We went back to our hotel, had a nice warm shower and got ready for dinner. This time I ate more than the night before. The food again was simply awesome!

The next day we packed our bags and and went back home.

On our way back, we stopped by a beach to take some photos. We also bought some snack like sata and otak-otak. We ate lunch at RC Restaurant on the way to Cherating. They have asam pedas, chicken curry and many other kampung food. 

With our tummies full, we continued our journey back home. Our trip was very fun and exciting. I learned and experienced many things. Terengganu is a very nice place to visit especially for families. Thank you Resort World Kijal for making everything amazing. Lovely memories that I will always remember.  

Sunday, 16 October 2016

What My Mom Does For A Living

My mom is a kind,beautiful and honest person.She is also a very fun mother.What she does for living is cook,have fun with her friends,have fun with us,work and blog.

My mom sells skincare and health products.There is a lot of stocks in the store.Her skincare products are Bee Venom,Bio Rejuv and Drk skincare.Her health products are Alpha Lipid Lifeline, Alpha Lipid SD2, Alpha Lipid Colost-Em , Alpha Lipid Colostrum and Nano Centa .

My mom works very hard to find money.At the same time she does her blog. She writes about  food, traveling,her products and more.My mom take's us out for lunch if she does not cook.My mom is very friendly to her friend's. I will sometimes follow my mother to the post office.This is what she does for living.I fill very special with her in my live. If  i do not have a mother i will not have all this things in my i have to be thankful to have a mother like her.Do visit my mom's blog She is a single mother so that is why she does extra work to earn extra money.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


It was sad that my baby vomited  everyday.She started  to get warm.That how we know that she was sick.The next day she vomited again.


So my mum brought  her to the hospital.But i was just back from school.My aunt was at home.She look's  very hurried.I asked where is baby and she told baby is at the hospital.I started doing my homework untill my mum called me.My mum was actually crying when she was talking to me.



Few hours later, my mum came home but my aunt is still at the hospital.My aunt is there till 7:30.We already ate our food .Then  we waited for baby alien and my aunt to come home.Finally they came home i saw baby alien is just peeing all over in the cage.The doctor just operate her stomach.We though there was something in her stomach like a string but there was only gas.

The doctor said that one of her intestine is dead which is at her buttock.My aunt went in the surgery room and she saw all baby's intestine outside her body.Luckily , my aunt is not afraid of blood.Any way the doctor press her intestine till the end, she suffer a lot .Her intestine is just big as our  finger.And where there is gas it will be one time bigger then the normal finger.


Now my lovely cat baby alien is a bit better then the other days.She can walk and run but not jump up and down.We all pray for the best.She will be better.   

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Lucky

Lucky was a stray cat's, she was found at a hawker stall. She was skinny,dirty,and people were kicking her.We took her to the clinic and had some X-ray done.The doctor said that her leg are broken,her pelvic are broken, and her lips are gone.

My Lucky

My Lucky

My Lucky

We were shock and angry because people step on her.That's because her leg are broken and she cannot poo properly.We took care of her, we do good  thing's to make her better. But only one problem she still can't poo.

On last sunday, we took her to the clinic because of poo problem. When the doctor check her, the doctor said we must keep her for one night at the clinic. The doctor must take out the poop immidately. The bad news is she must give Lucky anaesthetic and laxative

My Lucky

I heard for the small cat's, to give a anaesthetic..there's a high risk to survive, chance to survive 50-50. We don't have any choice, so we let the doctor do the best for Lucky.

Now her recoveries are she can walk better, poo and she is much happier. But she still need more time.