Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What is autoimmune disease

It's been years since my aunt had allergies. She always try to diet and choose the right food to eat but it seems like everything she eat's she'll get allergy. Sometime the allergy will make her throat swollen and it will make her harder to breath. She also did fall two time while she was stretching.

She went to the hospital to get a blood test  but we only knew that it was an autoimmune disease. Well there is so many kind that of autoimmune but we do not know which one. What is the cause of the autoimmune system. I don't really know about autoimmune system but I have done some research on it.

What does your immune system do?
The immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends people against germs and microorganisms every day.  The immune system does a great job of keeping people healthy and preventing infections. But sometimes, problems with the immune system can lead to illness and infection.

Disorders of the immune system can be broken down into four main categories:

  • immunodeficiency disorders (primary or acquired)
  • autoimmune disorders (in which the body's own immune system attacks its own tissue as foreign matter)
  • allergic disorders (in which the immune system overreacts in response to an antigen)
  • cancers of the immune system

Well, autoimmune disease happens when your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. A healthy immune system can tell the differences between foreign cells and your own cells but when it comes to an autoimmune system, your immune system misrepresent your body part such as your joints and your skin as a foreign. It releases proteins called as autoantibodies  that attacks your own  healthy cells.

Autoimmune system can affect many parts of your body. There is more then 100 autoimmune disease. There are some symptoms such as fatigue. Fatigue means a person who is extremely tired and exhausted. Not only fatigue but also muscle ache and low fever. Autoimmune disease can also cause redness, heat, pain, and swelling.

Doctor will give you some steroids called Corticosteroids or Glucocorticoids. This is to reduce the immune response to your body. I will be writing more about autoimmune disease in my next blog. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Ramadan Buffet At Kajang Perdana Avenue

On Monday evening, I followed my parents to Kajang to have a break fast buffet. I was super hungry and excited at the same time. The same thing that we did at all the event, my mum did the registering stuff and we took photo.

I was amazed, there was a lot of food. I am sure there is more then 150 food over there and it also includes 10 types of food concept of food stalls . Like seriously a lot. The food there is so delicious like finger liking good.

We took a lot of food. Such as chicken rice, roasted lamb, ikan patin tempoyak, ketam bakar,gulai kawah, bubur lambuk, ayam golek, and more. They also put a new item on the menu which is Arab Cuisine Mandy Rice and Lamb.

How about the food stalls?  Well there is a lot but I will only tell you some. There is oxtail soup, soto, lamb soup, murtabak chicken and lamb, pisang ,mee goreng, siput masak lemak, keledek, ikan keli masak goreng belada, sambal goreng jawa and the most important thing is the rendang, ketupat and lemang.

After eating all the food that we took, we felt like our stomach is going to burst. It was worth it. I recommend you guys to bring your family members and friends to come here and eat.

                                         Oh, I forgot to tell you we also took some desserts

Here is the address to go to Kajang Perdana Avenue. It is Jalan Kajang Perdana 2/2, Taman Kajang Perdana, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. It starts from 17 Mei 2018 and 12 Jun 2018 and the time is from 6.30 pm till 10.00 pm.

There is a promotion RM 49.90 for adults for the first week and fourth week. So be quick and be the first to get the offer

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Ramadan Buffet at Hotel Bangi Putrjaya

Well you know fasting month is coming soon. I'm so excited. I had a buffet ramadan with my parents at Hotel Bangi Putrajaya. We went there in the afternoon and we reached there about one hour later because of the traffic jam.

When my mum told me about the buffet, I was already  imagining about the delicious roasted lamb and the topping of  black pepper. I'm still craving about it. When we arrived, my mum did the register and we started to take photos.

There were about 200 over food but mostly desserts. I was amazed to see all kinds of food. All of them looks so good. I was too hungry back then. The food there are mixed from local cuisine to western food. I was shocked cause there was pizza, it is rear to see pizza on a ramadan buffet.

My aunt was super happy when she saw there was salads. We always followed my mum everywhere for ramadan food review but sadly there was no salad. Salad has always been ours favorite. We had a lot of food.

We had chicken rice, chicken gyoza, pizza, some side dishes, salads, roasted lamb, mutton soup, oxtail soup, some desserts and more. All of it was so delicious. I recommend you to bring your families and friends to come and eat here for ramadan.

                                The dessert is so good. I recommend you guys to try. This is a must-try

                                                             Take a look at that !!

You can make reservation and pre-payment made minimum 24 hours prior to Jom Iftar Buffet. You will enjoy the discount rate of RM90 nett per adult and RM45 nett per children (4-12 years old). Regular buffet price RM120 nett per adults and RM60 nett per children (4-12 years old).

For reservations, call 03-8210 2222 or email You can also visit

Saturday, 7 April 2018

New Attraction At Genting 2018

On Saturday morning we went to Appu's Uncle for breakfast . After having our breakfast , my aunt drove us to Genting Sky avenue because we wanted to help my mum to do her work. Although we went there for work but still we had fun.

The first shop we went to is 3ina . It is actually spoken as mina ,they put the m into three . Mina is actually a makeup shop .After the make up we went to motorino for our lunch.They served us a lot of food such as chili pizza and also egg pizza .Both of it taste very nice. If you happened to be at Motorino I suggest you to try both of the new pizza.

                                                              Variety of lipsticks

After eating our delicious lunch we back to mina because there were to many people at the shop so after eating we came back. My mum and rest of her group of bloggers did their faces .While me and my aunt sat down at a bench waiting them to finish . It took us a while to wait because even guys are doing makeup.

After they are finished we went to museum alive . This is my favorite place ,since I like art .This is like a Korean museum art . Mostly it is suitable for family. There are all sort of wall art such as spaceship, UFO ,garden , breaking of ice cubes , volcano and more. It was so fun .After that ,all of took a group photo at the art museum.

Our next place was the biggest Jurassic park in Asia.  I feel like this place is more for kids because I see a lot of dinosaurs moving just like in the real world . But not just kids, if you are interested and a big fan of dinosaurs you can come . There will be huge big T-rex  that will make you shock cause it shocked me to death. The most interesting is where there is a museum about dinosaurs.For me it is very interesting because the way they made it looks so real just like a real dinosaur bones but actually it is made out of woods .

The next place is where from the start of the day that I kept thinking of .I felt like it was the last day of my life .I'm talking about ZOMBIE OUTBREAK . Seriously I almost cried, it was so scary . Even their makeup look so real and they were also good at acting . It was so SCARY . Once you go in you got to be ready because when I went in I wasn't ready . I felt like peeing in my pants. If you like scary stuff I'll suggest you to go. It is very worth it because it took us very long to get out . When I was finally out, my whole body was shaking like hell .

The next place is actually a place for massage .It is called Healing . There is a place for foot massage, fish spa  and more.  They will give you a peace of paper so that you have to write your name, what kind of massage you would like to do and choose what strength you prefer .I did a foot massage it was pretty good I liked it so much . That's all for me to tell you in this trip.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Road To Agro Tourism - Part 3

Day 3

On the third day we did not do much because it was our last day for the trip. We woke up early and had breakfast at 7.00 a.m . After eating breakfast we checked out and depart to Cameron Tea Farm. My mum was so excited because she can't wait to run like in a hindi or tamil movie .We arrived about 9.00 a.m . We did not go to the BOH' Farm because they said that that place is already quite famous so we went to the less famous which is the Bharat Tea Farm .I guess that you never heard of it.

We tasted the tea and it was so delicious . Even my mum bought some too .After tasting the tea we went down the hills to take pictures at the tea plantation . I made her a video while she was running  by using slow motion .  After all the pictures  we departed back to KL .

But it was not the end , we actually went Hariston Signature .Hariston Signature actually sells  chocolate. They have variety of chocolate ,such as Durian chocolate,Tongkat ali chocolate ,  Coconut chocolate and more . She showed us all types of chocolate that they have . I tried the most but not durian .I just don't like durian I do not know why. The emcee told us about how they made their own homemade chocolate . They also had D.I.Y workshop for all ages .They even do have it for babies . I did not get to do the D.I.Y because I was too late . After the D.I.Y session, we moved on with Q and A session . After a lot of asking and answering question .Its time for us to get back to MARDI
Serdang but me and my mum took an uber straight back to our house .

                                   See so many types of chocolates .Just like you are in heaven

                                                            That's all from me bye

Road To Agro Tourism - Part2

Day 2
Again we both woke up at 6 o'clock .We had breakfast at a cafe near our room .They served us nasi lemak and noodles .I was really hungry so I ate two nasi lemak . After eating breakfast ,we grab our bags and check out .Then we went to Ubudiah Royal Mosque and took some photos at the mosque . Then we went to Iskandariah castle .

We took some photos outside near the entrance  .Even my mom pretended to go in the castle .After the visit to the castle and the mosque we headed towards Cameron Highland .It was quite a ride        because I got a little bit dizzy until I slept.We reached our first stop at Cameron which was KC Kwang Farm .The owner told us about his history with the farm . They had a lot of exciting things to see at the farm such as grape, flowers, fruits and more .

                                                   These picture was taken at KCK Kwang

                           Before we left road to agro tourism gave a certificate to the owner
After the visit to  the farm we went to Kg Taman Sedia Homestay  for lunch there .I ate a lot there because there was my favourite food which was ayam masak merah , it was the best .After having lunch walked around the kampung . After that we departed to MARDI  cameron highland. We check in because our apartment is at MARDI .The founder of MARDI Cameron Highland told us about the place that we are going to visit and also a bit of history about MARDI  Cameron Highland .

                       Road to agro tourism also gave a gift to the owner of  MARDI Cameron Highland

After hearing some history from the owner .We walked inside MARDI and there are so many things too see .First we went to the park that has waterfall , we all took a group photo . It was so beautiful and there was so many different types of flower . Ohh ya there is also a bridge and a pool .Then we went to see some other farm that has other flowers .We also went so see fruit and vegetable farm ,and get to pick our own strawberries .Before picking the strawberries we tried eating strawberries with chocolate ,and ice cream.

                               See how many people are there it's like the bridge is going to fall

After eating dessert , we started picking our strawberries my mum and I picked the gigantic ones , but time was running out so we could not pick that much . After picking strawberries ,we pick tomatoes then we picked cabbage .It really was a new experience .You get to pick it with your own hands. After all the visit we went for steamboat dinner .The food was delicious . Then we went to our apartment and had a nice shower and went to bed .

Please do not mind my face!

That's all for me please continue my blog because this only part 2!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Road To Agro Tourism 3 Days 2 Nights Second Series - Part 1

Yeay school holiday is here .On the 12 till 14 of December ,we were invited to go on a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Kangsar then to Cameron Highland .There were about 40 people in total including media,bloggers ,tv3, rtm and more .It was like bringing the whole family to this trip. I would like to say thank you to my mother for bringing me to this trip since I have nothing to do at home .

Image may contain: outdoor

 We woke up at 6 o'clock since we have to register ourselves at 8.30 a.m. My aunt send us to MARDI Serdang  and then she went  to work .After registering we sat in the hall and waited for the rest of the blogger .When everyone arrived they started the speech from the emcee .Then we did a  prayer for going and coming back safely ,after the prayer we had the speech from Y.Bhg En Uzaidi Udanis ,president of Malaysia tourism council , Y.Bhg Dr Mohamad Roff Mohd Noor ,chairman of MARDI director .After all the speech we went to the dining hall because we were to hungry .

After the good food that we ate . We went outside to take some group photo with the president. We also took photo with the first ever caravan in Malaysia .Then its time for us to depart to MARDI Kuala Kangsar .We were welcome with all of the MARDI worker . I did not know what is MARDI .I did not even heard about it at all .I also did not know that MARDI has durian farm .If you go there you can eat the fruits after they pick it up for you .There's not only durian but there is also mangosteen , rambutan and more.

After eating all the durian that we can eat we depart to Roti Segar Factory .They served us bread , roti jala  with durian gravies ,donuts . The owner told us a little bit about their history and what they make . It was my first experience seeing how they make bread in the factory itself .  My favorite was the donuts because it was delicious .Then we went to Kraftangan Malaysia at Enggor . When we arrive I saw a lot of labu sayong .It was so beautiful  to see all the creativity on the labu sayong .I also get to see how they make and decorate the labu sayong . I was impress with how they decorate it. They were very focus  with what they were doing

See how creative their are so amazing .I wish I could be like them .
See I told you it was beautiful. 
These are the collections that they put in the gallery 
Time for group photo !

We also got a gift from Kraftangan Malaysia

The last stop is Sayong Resort .We all checked in and had a very good and simple shower .After getting ready we went to the main hall for dinner and to see cultural wedding show .It was so beautiful to see people getting married .They all sang the wedding song for the bride and some of the  media and blogger gave their blessing by sprinkling flower and rose water .It was amazing to watch even our guest from Berlin ,Germany did it . After the dinner and the show we took some group photos.

                                                           This is the bride and the groom

                                                                    Silat performance

                                                      They all sang songs for the bride
                                                                It is very entertaining

That's all from me ,please continue to to read my blog because this is only part one !